Design always begins with a narrative ~ … ~ and gets concrete through interactions, artefacts, environments, infrastructures, experiences and stories.

Design is about thinking and tooling, about transforming, transporting and transacting.

Intent, Interaction and Implementation. Process and Form.

Infrastructures and system(s) for and with humans.

Design is about making interactions between fiction, function and form.

Alok Nandi, active at Spread Design and at Architempo, is developing the “narrative design” framework. He works as designer from concept to composition, often busy with wicked problems in complex systems.

The activity of design runs from intent to implementation with these phases, in non-sequential mode, often iterative:

  • Conversation.
  • Emergence.
  • Narrative.
  • Interaction.
  • Co-creation.
  • Experience.

When meaning and making interact !