Lahti Design Week

From contextual exploration to scenario envisioning, how can Design help frame approaches and decisions, with an entrepreneurial mindset? The VIA Framework will connect Design Thinking with Innovation Tooling for today’s shifting moments, aiming to align desirable, viable and feasible.

In parallel to strategic design, Alok b. Nandi is active as author and educator. While leading Architempo + Spread Design, he is an international speaker and professor at Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon. Past President of IxDA.

Meet Alok on Tuesday 4 May 2021 at the Design Venture Day!

Programme at

The Design Venture program develops and accelerates the business of SMEs through design. We train entrepreneurs to understand the benefits of design in their business. We train designers to meet the growth needs of entrepreneurs.

The Design Venture program is implemented by the Design Institute of LAB University of Applied Sciences.