Tour de Table

A tour de table [ pronounced as \tuʁ də tabl\ ] is a series exploring the complexity of foodscapes from different angles and points of view.

“Cooking is a language, through which society unconsciously reveals its structure.” – Claude Lévi-Strauss ~ The Origin of Table Manners: Mythologiques, Vol. 3, 1968

Cultural and structural approaches are challenging to apprehend. Hence, we will multiply ways of looking and sensing systems and scapes by getting into dialogues with multiple stakeholders.

tour_de_table is exploring the tensions between what is told and what is tasted

The &narrative&gustative series offers a “tour de table” of topics and themes reflecting on the air of time, on the air of our times, with players reflecting on their practice: What is …? How is it …? Why is this …?

The tour de table is gathering a multiplicity of perspectives, and hence allows to try to grip the contradictory constraints we have to cope with. Monoculture has de facto dried the contextual richness of things we are supposed to deal with. Fascinating movements of polyculture are emerging in numerous places. Let’s make these visible, audible and readable.