The ViA-Framework allows to work on design-driven innovation approaches, looking for the next: Innovation ViA Design. Notions of innovation are shifting and require multiple ways of envisioning, exploring and expressing. The ViA-Framework is aiming to articulate these “ways” (“via” in Latin) in structured and meaningful modes and modules.

The ViA-Framework is offering different sets of tools in order to question the “Now” and envision the “New”, the “Next”, the “Near” and the “Never”. The situations range from possible to probable, to plausible and to preferable but also to prohibited. There are things you wish. There are things you want, and some you do not.

The Strategic Design Radar and Narrative Design Radar allow to fill the gaps, to feed the gaps, in resonance with some other tools, models, canvas, visualisations, … in order to express the appropriate questions and shape an optimal set of propositions.

The ViA-Framework is to be experienced in masterclasses and workshops (on-line and/or in-house) with multiple stakeholders. Get in touch for joining the ViA journeys – a ViA voyage.

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