Mind the gap. Mind the place.

The Place. 
The role of Place is ever changing. Now even more.
The Place as a city, as a cafe, as a screen, as an app, …
Places are designed.
By architects and urbanists. And nowadays with UI designers and UX strategists a.o.
Mind the gap. Mind the place.

January 16th 2021 – another MIND Leaders Live session to explore the notion of place, through the concept of “immersion”. Expanding different notions of place. The journey continues. 

June 6th 2020 – a MIND Leaders Live session allows to begin a series of conversations triggered by the notion of place. Each of us has a different notion of place, from her/his point of view. 

How do we share these “ideas of place” in order to construct some collective notions of place (in 2020 and beyond) which will allow to reflect while preparing the design of meaningful places (on ground and on line and both) in the coming years and for the betterment of Humanity ?

Place has many dimensions and mind mapping these is what the first session is proposing to launch. Many fragmented ideas, experiences, concepts are co-existing in many “places”. While the planet is planning to get into “deconfinement” modes, in different phases, it seems that #place is the topic to question #dejavu.

This place – this page at – evolves, gathering insights from several streams of conversations. Should you wish to add your point of view, do connect and let’s interact. 

Meet Alok Nandi, zooming in from Brussels, Europe. He will talk about the gaps, the tensions and the frictions of place, design, UX in these moments of questioning and reimagining the next. More via