INFO SESSION on Innovation VIA Design Workshop – May 4th, 2021 – on-line. This is organised by Spread Design, in partnership with Design Venture Day, at Lahti Green Design Week, Finland, and DesignOpen.

Practical information: 

  • on-line INFO SESSION (interactive)
  • timing: May 4th 2021 / 14:30 – 15:15 EEST (Finland timezone) 
  • language: English
  • This session is provided free and will give information and perspectives on the VIA-Framework, for anyone interested to participate in a workshop.

Register your interest for participation by filling the form infra. Confirmation and Zoom link will be sent per e-mail.

The context is changing, characterised by complexity, ambiguity, contradiction. Systems are under stress. Collective vs individual behaviours are challenging the position and development of activities for companies as well institutions. We invite you to explore the Next and the Near, shaping propositions for bettering our place, our planet. Stretch imagination and sketch ideas. Collect stories and connect strategies.

Example of a theme for Lahti Green Design Week: Innovation VIA Design: “How to focus on operations while implementing innovations in order to sustain activities ?

What to expect ? The core question “How to focus on?” is of vital importance for SMEs and organisations having small teams. In the regions of Päijät-Häme (Lahti) and of South Karelia (Lappeenranta), where 80% is composed of companies with less than 10 persons, how can design help to envision new ways of working and developing activities ? It is a complex journey, with many constraints and contradictions: customer needs, technological changes, legal environments, competition pressure, societal trends. This workshop will enable you to explore roadmaps and action plans, using the VIA-Framework and its tools. The theme will allow participants to challenge assumptions in interactive, hands-on and pragmatic ways. The session will combine plenary conversations with hands-on group works.

Who should attend ? Those wanting to explore designerly ways of shaping the future, thinking about shaping and designing appropriate products and services relevant for a sustainable development of their region. Those interested to shape conditions for the future, from entrepreneurs to policy-makers, from students to makers. We expect attendees from Finland, but as it is on-line, the workshop is open to all, for gaining multiple insights and perspectives. As Europe is working on the New European Bauhaus, Päijät-Häme (Lahti) and South Karelia (Lappeenranta) regions are places to envision interesting design scenarios.

Take-aways from the workshops will range from “expressing purpose” to “enlarging perspectives” to “envisioning roadmaps”, depending on the design experience and expertise.

Workshop leader/facilitator – Alok b. Nandi, creative director, Architempo + Spread Design. In parallel to strategic design, he is active as author and educator, a regular speaker in international conferences and professor at hospitality/culinary Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon. Past President of IxDA. News and views on www.nandi.mobi, connecting narrative and interactive.

Lahti Green Design Week 2021 as part of the Lahti Green Capital year is a significant opening towards the internationalisation goals and vision defined in the Päijät‑Häme Design Roadmap. The event week profiles the region as a forerunner in sustainable solutions, sustainable design and circular economy. https://ldw.fi

Design Venture Day – http://designventure.fi

DesignOpen is a platform to decode emergence – https://www.designopen.in

The Innovation VIA Design Workshop Info Session – May 4th, 2021 – is taking place on-line, in partnership with Design Venture Day, at Lahti Green Design Week, Finland, and DesignOpen.

The workshops are tailored for your organisation and/or region. Do connect for more information and working on specific ones. Workshops are a part of the design journey, allowing to scope the right phases. We can then work on shaping with you on brand and experience design, covering both physical and digital.