Pink City Design Confluence

Throughout its evolution, both Design and Technology together, have transformed many aspects of our lives and offered unprecedented opportunities to humanity, influencing the way we live and survive.

The Pink City Design Confluence seeks to create an interface between education and industry sectors to debate on how Design-Technology education can be leveraged to support the emerging economies of the new world. The Confluence outputs will include a high-level Statement and proposal to policy makers with recommendations about how to harness the power of Design to address current educational challenges and to ensure quality education and lifelong opportunities for all in the new world scenario.

This Dialogue series is a step towards popularizing Design Culture among the aspirants of the creative and innovation domain for a better future in this presently vulnerable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. 

Alok Nandi, director at Spread Design Europe, is joining the conversation with Pradyumna Vyas, CII Senior Advisor and NID Former Director, and Satish Gokhale, Director at Design Directions, on April 30th at 4pm IST.