Danny Han

**Exclusive Contribution by Danny Han: Unveiling the PechaKucha Experience**

At the heart of Brussels, amidst the bustling energy of innovation and collaboration, the PechaKucha event on March 19, 2024, unfolded as a beacon of inspiration and connectivity. Danny Han, professor of the Research Centre Future of Food at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, shares his profound insights and reflections on this eye-opening experience.

Embracing the Essence of PechaKucha

My journey into the realm of PechaKucha commenced with a serendipitous encounter with Alok Nandi, “a connector of people and inspiration to many” how I’d describe him. Drawn to the format’s brevity and intensity, I found myself navigating uncharted territories of concise communication. As an educator accustomed to expansive lectures, the 20×20 format presented a compelling challenge, forcing me to distill a message to its quintessence.

For me, the allure of engaging with a diverse group of entrepreneurs resonated deeply. The accumulation of backgrounds and perspectives fostered an environment teeming with innovation and possibility. Amidst the many conversations, I discovered the profound beauty of collaborative exploration, transcending boundaries and forging new pathways of understanding, also my own topic.

Unveiling the Atmosphere of Inclusivity

Stepping into the scene of the PechaKucha event, I was immediately greeted by an aura of warmth and camaraderie. Every interaction, every exchange, developed effortlessly, through a genuine shared passion for learning and growth. The absence of ulterior motives or superficial agendas allowed connections to flourish, triggering the imagination of new possibilities that transcend the constraints of time and geographical boundaries.

BECI [Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry], with its neutral backdrop and state-of-the-art facilities, provided the perfect canvas for this mosaic of intellectual exchange. Against the backdrop of Brussels’ vibrant diversity of cultures, the event unfolded as a celebration of diversity and collaboration that manifests Brussels new Branding strategy.

Charting New Horizons: Sustainable Immersive Food Experiences

My talk aimed to transcend the confines of academia, delving into the realm of sustainable immersive food experiences. Recognizing the universal resonance of food, I underscored the much-needed imperative for a paradigm shift towards sustainability. Through the continuous efforts at the Research Centre Future of Food, we explore the intersection of gastronomy and sustainability, leveraging immersive technologies to redefine our relationship with food.

The Power of PechaKucha: A Catalyst for Transformation

For me, PechaKucha emerged as a catalyst for personal and professional transformation: “I feel like I really found a treasure chest of inspiration and insight through PechaKucha. This is definitely sparked by the natural heterogeneity of the audience that can give rise to new ideas, connecting disciplinary boundaries and fostering a culture of innovation.”

A Glimpse into the Future

Fuelled by the momentum of the PechaKucha experience, we chart with Alok Nandi a course towards new horizons. Plans for future collaborations abound, spanning the globe from Brussels to Doha. With an unwavering commitment to learning and exploration, let’s envision a future brimming with possibilities, propelled by the enduring legacy of PechaKucha. In the tapestry of my narrative, the PechaKucha experience emerges as a testament to the transformative power of connection and collaboration.