Transmedia Living Lab

Transmedia Living Lab is an ideas laboratory and a discussion forum dedicated to the present and future of TRANSMEDIA CREATION.

It is dedicated to TRANSMEDIA NARRATIVES, a new form of storytelling that is revolutionizing video production, artistic creation, digital entertainment, education, and even movements for social change: stories that spread and diversify across different media and audiovisual media, social networks, games, websites, comics, mobile platforms, and even real-life experiences. These projects generate separate narrative universes that allow users to interact in the co-creation and distribution of stories, share knowledge and enjoy new experiences.

Alok Nandi is one of the speakers there. Madrid, see you ! I will be a.o. connecting shared storytelling and co-creation narrative modes …

More via the Transmedia Living Lab Telefonica website.

About creating transmedia, the difference between transmedia narratives and other forms of storytelling will be established. Also, new creative and production models, and new funding strategies and transmedia content distribution will be discussed.
In addition, special attention will be paid to the emergence of new professional profiles in the different phases of creation, development and commercialization of transmedia content and to the emerging markets that are generating these new transmedia universes.

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