EDF Design Challenge

Launching of the 2nd edition

The second edition of the EDF Sustainable Design Challenge is officially launched under the motto « Encouraging responsible energy behaviour for better living ». The EDF Sustainable Design Challenge focuses on the materialization of day-to-day energy efficient solutions for a better quality of life. The idea is to foster prospective projects that promote new sustainable behaviours. The selected projects will be displayed during major international events, starting with the London Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 – the world’s second communication event.


In 2003, various international experts highlighted that world primary energy consumption might double between the years 2000 and 2050. This forecast took several factors into account, including demographical changes, technical innovations, regulation police evolutions, etc.

Regardless of whether the energy is required for industrial, transportation or construction purposes, the mix of production solutions will be very different in 40 years. While non-renewable fossil fuels (coal, gas and petrol) are depleting rapidly, there are important developments in the area of renewable energy production (solar energy, water power, wind power, geothermal power…). Combined with nuclear power, it is estimated that all the existing production solutions will represent only more than half of our overall energy requirements by 2050.

For the remaining energy requirements, now is the time for action!

This Challenge invites you to imagine and develop new innovative scenarios that would encourage responsible energy behaviour for better living, with the goal to lower our energy consumption and/or provide new energy sources.

In this context, EDF and the French Design Promotion Association (APCI) are collaborating to set up a core group of Challenge Leaders from different countries and different skills expertise. These Challenge Leaders are invited to set up multidisciplinary teams to propose and work on the specific key issues of their choice during the Challenge.

Jury & Technical Committee

The Jury will gather in London, the 28th of June, at the Central Saint Martins. It will select the finalist projects of this second edition of the Challenge.

The Jury is composed of 3 groups of professionals from the fields of design, sustainability, and energy. A similar composition for the Tech Committee. Alok Nandi is part of the design group in the technical committee.

Also, there will be a special EDF Design Challenge PK